33 Powerful Life Lessons From 33 years of Living Life (Part 1)

Last week (August 3rd) was my 33rd birthday. It’s hard to believe I’m 33 years old because I don’t feel my age. It doesn’t seem so long ago that I turned 30. I was living back home in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and searching for direction in life after reaching that milestone. It’s been a great start to my 30’s. During my journey of life so far I’ve learned a whole lot. The past year has been hugely transformative, when I look back at my journey over the past 12 months a lot has changed and I feel incredibly blessed to be where I am right now. Sometimes it’s important to stop, take a moment, and reflect on the lessons life has taught us over the years. With that being said, to celebrate my 21st 33rd birthday I thought I’d compile, reflect, and share some of the most powerful personal life lessons I have learned which have had a tremendous impact on my life thus far. I’ve broken this up into 3 parts, where I’ll be sharing 11 life lessons in my next 3 posts.