A Simple Primer on Goal Setting

How do you go about making change happen in your life? When you look at what is and what you want things to be, how do you bridge that gap? If you’re anything like me, you’re already thinking of the year ahead which is still pretty fresh. How will it be different than last year? What do I want to accomplish? (more…)

Goals vs Resolutions

It’s January– a new year and a new beginning. Once again, everyone is making New Years Resolutions. They all want to eat healthier, exercise more, lose weight, spend less, save more, and live lives that are more fulfilling. Sadly, these resolutions have a very short life span and fade away very quickly after they are created. (more…)

7 Tips to Being a Great Conversationalist

Over the years, I have been told that I am easy to talk to and have good conversation skills. I guess that is because I am a peoples person, I just love meeting new people and having conversations with them on just about anything that may come up. It didn’t always used to be like this. I have read a couple of books and been fortunate enough to know some brilliant conversationalists. I have learnt from them how to improve my own conversational and communication skills. Here are few tips to help improve your conversational skills. Hopefully they will help you become a welcome sight at every party and social event you attend. (more…)

How Improving Your Vocabulary can Improve Your Life

If you know me personally you will know that I love to read. One of the biggest advantages I have got from reading is that my vocabulary has improved tremendously. I have learnt many new words and have a greater command of my language. I am also able to communicate my ideas more effectively. Developing a great vocabulary is one of the most overlooked ways to improve our lives. Many people believe that learning new words is only useful for writers and speakers. The truth is that everyone can benefit from it, both personally and professionally. Let’s see how.


Begin With the Physical

Moving to a new country can be challenging in many ways. I’ve recently moved to the Philippines to pursue a masters degree. Three weeks have flown by and I am still trying to get a handle on everything – while keeping up with the pressure of my post-graduate course work. Needless to say, it’s taking longer than expected to settle in. However, it is a new beginning – a fresh start. There are a few changes I’d like to make in my life – some major and minor adjustments. Everything from implementing a new daily routine to starting an exercise program (which I have started), to becoming an early riser. Where to start? That is what this post is about.