Goals vs Resolutions

It’s January– a new year and a new beginning. Once again, everyone is making New Years Resolutions. They all want to eat healthier, exercise more, lose weight, spend less, save more, and live lives that are more fulfilling. Sadly, these resolutions have a very short life span and fade away very quickly after they are created.

I’m not a big fan of setting New Year’s Resolutions. They tend to fade away very quick. However, I am a huge fan of setting goals. S.M.A.R.T goals (more on this in a later post). I’m intrigued by the idea of developing an actual plan to set and accomplish a couple of real, exciting, and sometimes scary goals. This is not just a mere list, it’s a systematic plan.

So what is the difference between a goal and a resolution? A resolution is “a decision or determination to do something”. A goal is “the result toward which effort is directed.” A lot of popular New Years Resolutions such as “lose 10kg” or “learn a new language” are actually goals, not resolutions. If it is a permanent change in your life then it is a resolution, but if there is a specific achievement then it is a goal. The key here is to know which changes in your life should be attainable goals and which should be permanent resolutions. Do you simply want to lose 10kg or do you want to exercise five days a week and cut out unhealthy foods?

I’ve found that there are a few mistakes that people tend to make before they even begin to start making their resolutions and goals. They start thinking about what they “should” do, rather than what they really want to do. They focus on what they should stop doing, rather than what they actually want to achieve. From my experience, to be successful in achieving results, one must really want it. Consider what you really want as opposed to focusing on what you should not do, or should stop doing. Goals must be exciting and fire up an intense desire to you wanting to really accomplish them. If they don’t excite you or stir up something inside of you, then chances are slim that you will achieve them.

So, my take on goals vs resolutions is very simple: don’t make an unrealistic resolution that you know you won’t be able to keep; rather, make a goal that you can work for.

What are some of your goals and resolutions for 2017?

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